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Welcome to LinemanBible.com! I started this site on September 13th, 2021 for the sole purpose of teaching lineworkers what tools and equipment are really called. I continually get frustrated when people ask me for a “chicken catcher” or “can hook”. I don’t catch chickens for a living…

Anyway, I started with addressing nicknames but realized I have a great opportunity to actually educate people. It’s no secret that linework has little to no training or what they call “on the job training” (which is a dangerous load of crap). I plan to upload certain user manuals, wiring diagrams, tricks and tips I’ve learned over the years, and much much more.

I chose the name LinemanBible in reference to my old general foreman, Mike. He carries a notebook with him that has 30+ years of linework notes in it. He calls it his lineman bible. Any time he comes across transformers wired a way he doesn’t recognize, he sketches it and researches it. I think that’s an awesome idea and I want to create a lineman bible that’s accessible to every lineworker with a smartphone.

I could really use your help in this endeavor. I don’t know everything, nor will I ever, and I’m sure I’ll get some things wrong. Please use the contact form to throw suggestions and corrections my way. We might actually put a decent site together.

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Copyright © 2021 LinemanBible.com |
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