CB Radio Lingo

Don’t get caught sounding like an idiot on your radio.


What are specs? Specs are the blueprints for building powerlines. They list every piece of equipment you need and where to install it.

General Foreman

A GF is a foreman who didn’t realize the GF position takes more than sitting in the truck and letting others carry you. Though the job requires strong administrative skills, about 1 in 50 GFs actually have any.

Safety Harness

It’s easy to get lazy and decide to hop up in your bucket (aerial device) without a harness; it’s also very stupid. Any number of things can happen while in the air and that harness can end up being the only thing between you and a broken back. Make sure your harness fits you. Yes, they have adjustable straps, but they also have sizes. You ever seen a tiny guy with a large harness? There are 3 feet worth of straps dangling at his feet. Not all companies will require this, but they should: get an FR harness. You REALLY don’t want a harness melting on you after an arc flash.

H2S Monitor

H2S monitors are not much of a concern where the oil industry isn’t big. If you do linework in West Texas, for example, you will probably be issued on. This little device will start going absolutely nuts when it detects harmful gases that are prevalent in and around the oil field.

FR Clothing

Fire retardant clothing is beyond important in linework. Electricity doesn’t like being controlled and looks for any opportunity to lash out. More often than not, it’s completely unpredictable. Countless lives have been spared by FR clothing. Make sure you’re wearing the proper category FR for the work you’re doing, and take care to wash them properly. You can always talk to your safety rep about it if you’re not sure.


Some men like to say you’re a sissy for wearing gloves then use that same mouth to whine about their blisters. Gloves protect from impact, pinch points, and chemicals. They’re incredibly useful and you’re a fool if you refuse to wear them.

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Copyright © 2021 LinemanBible.com |
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